Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Sorry to all of our followers! It has been way to long since I last updated on this blog. Peyton has had ups and downs over the last month. The good things to report are that Peyton started at a new therapy Center and has been making amazing steps towards moving forward:) He has been able to take 6 steps holding hands. He is able to walk on a tredmil that has a harness on it to support his upper body. And we used what is called a walkable and it has a harness on it to support him and he can walk on the ground. He still has to be completely supported while using those but the fact that his legs can move all on there own in just incredible. He has been doing OT and Speech as well and doing very well and improving in those too:)
I cant say enough how much he inspires me every single day. He never gives up and just keeps fighting even through the pain.
Which brings me to my down part of our update. Peytons nerve pain has been out of control lately and we finally got him back on Neurotin or Gabapentin. He was on this before and it helped a lot, but we had to take him off of it due to causing fevers and at the time he still had his central line in...so we took him off. Hopeing that it starts to kick in sooner rather than later and he gets to feeling better. He also seems to be having more "out bursts" . Not sure if it might be behavioral or not..assming it probably is but I have to admit that with all he has been through, if he needs to vent a little, I dont blame him one bit ( I would too).
All in all we are moving right along. Summer break is almost over and Peyton will be off to first grade. I cant believe that he is almost a year post transplant already!!! If you would have asked me 6,7,8 months ago where I thought our family would be today......My answer might not have been so good. But to look at how far Peyton has come in the last couple of months, It gives us a new hope that he can continue to get better. We know it cant be like it was before......but I have a feeling he is  going to get closer than anyone thinks ;)

With Hope and Love